Uptime & Reliability55555
Value for Money4.
Customer Support55555
Space & Bandwidth4.
Payment Options4.

Monster Prox Hosting

3 Reviews - 2 Positive, 0 Negative

MonsterProx is dedicated to providing quality proxy hosting services to it’s customers. I have contacted their support department several times and always received a very fast response. The support staff are very helpful and knowledgeable which is reflected in the overall appearance of the website. They run on Intel Quad Core 8GB RAM servers which […]

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Uptime & Reliability3.
Value for Money3.333.333.333.333.33
Customer Support3.
Space & Bandwidth3.893.893.893.893.89
Payment Options3.563.563.563.563.56

Fused Proxy Hosting

9 Reviews - 5 Positive, 4 Negative

I haven’t had first hand experience with these guys yet but they look professional and I see they provide hosting for normal websites as well. They do give you a lot more flexibility on choosing the exact specification for your hosting package which is a nice perk. Each proxy hosting package price is based upon […]

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Uptime & Reliability44444
Value for Money44444
Customer Support2.332.332.332.332.33
Space & Bandwidth44444
Payment Options3.333.333.333.333.33

Hagio Proxy Host

3 Reviews - 2 Positive, 1 Negative

I have seen Hagio Host around for a while now and a quick check pulled up no bad comments in the search engines. They seem to offer a pretty comprehensive package of shared packages, reseller accounts, domains and most crucially proxy hosting. One thing I did pick up on was the lack of contact information, […]

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Uptime & Reliability33333
Value for Money2.752.752.752.752.75
Customer Support2.
Space & Bandwidth3.753.753.753.753.75
Payment Options3.

StrikeData Proxy Web Hosting

4 Reviews - 2 Positive, 2 Negative

StrikeData is a well established hosting company that caters to proxy websites. Among their extensive hosting plans are packages dedicated to serving web proxies. They seem like a pretty solid and reputable company with cheaply priced hosting. While browsing their website I noticed they offer free proxy themes to help you get that extra kick […]

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Uptime & Reliability33333
Value for Money22222
Customer Support2.
Space & Bandwidth22222
Payment Options22222

Tech Entrance Proxy Hosting

2 Reviews - 1 Positive, 1 Negative

First impressions are essential in any business and web hosting is no exception. When I first visited Tech Entrance I was very unimpressed with the amateurish design and I’m sure it’s the same for many others. I wouldn’t of gave it a second look but I happen to know one of the two owners provides […]

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Uptime & Reliability2.
Value for Money1.751.751.751.751.75
Customer Support1.751.751.751.751.75
Space & Bandwidth2.
Payment Options2.

iWhiC Proxy Hosting

4 Reviews - 1 Positive, 3 Negative

iWhiCs is a well known and trusted web hosting provider in the proxy market. They give an excellent service and your hosting package will come with all the features you have come to expect. You get cPanel, Sub domains, Addon Domains, cURL, SSL Support, Fantastico De-Luxe and more. iWhiC also sells VPS which will ease […]

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Uptime & ReliabilityNo Ratings
Value for MoneyNo Ratings
Customer SupportNo Ratings
Space & BandwidthNo Ratings
Payment OptionsNo Ratings

MyDediServer Proxy Hosting

No Reviews - 0 Positive, 0 Negative

MyDediServer is a host to considered if you have reasonable knowledge of proxy websites and can actively manage a dedicated server. They are an unconvential choice for proxy server hosts because they don’t explicitly allow or disallow proxy websites. I contacted the support and they said they allow anything legal to be hosted. Proxy websites […]

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