Uptime & Reliability2.332.332.332.332.33
Value for Money33333
Customer Support2.672.672.672.672.67
Space & Bandwidth44444
Payment Options3.673.673.673.673.67

WD Servers Proxy Hosting

WD Servers has always been my favorite proxy hosting provider and I have used their services for almost 3 years now. They offer a wide range of hosting packages although they are probably better suited to someone with a few proxy websites already going because of the price entry point. The beginning package is very reasonable if you have the revenue to cover it. If you see past the VERY basic design then the support is first class and the hosting is optimized specifically for proxy sites. I would recommend the dedicated servers to anyone who can sustain enough profit. Do not select the first package because it is not suited for proxy sites.

Beginning Package – $29.00

30GB space, 3000GB Bandwidth and all the features you care to install

Payment Methods:

Go to http://www.wdservers.com

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3 Customer Reviews of “WD Servers Proxy Hosting”

WD Servers Proxy Hosting Review by Open Browsing, February 5, 2011

Uptime & Reliability11111
Value for Money11111
Customer Support22222
Space & Bandwidth44444
Payment Options33333

The service is okay when it’s working, but the servers often go down and stay down until you spot this yourself and submit a support ticket, which is sometimes ignored. I stuck with WD for 3 years, but gave up totally when my websites had been down for two weeks and only came back on when I opened a Paypal resolution. There are a lot better services than this one man band outfit, many of which are cheaper too.

WD Servers Proxy Hosting Review by Frank Tomson, October 12, 2010

Uptime & Reliability11111
Value for Money33333
Customer Support11111
Space & Bandwidth33333
Payment Options33333

I used to host a few dedicated servers with wdservers for about 1 year until I couldn’t take the slow support time and the extreme slowness in server reboots.

Each time a server goes down, submitting a ticket to their support takes more than 10 hours to get a reply and 10 hours and more just to get a server rebooted. This has happened almost every single time I need a server rebooted which has so far exceed 8 times. Not to mention, Wdservers do not have remote reboot and the reason why it takes so long to get a server reboot is because the owner of wdservers has to manually forward a reboot request ticket FDCservers before the server gets rebooted. This simply cannot be accepted. After reading reviews on Digitalpoint I found that there are others who face similar issues as me.

Stay away from them if you are truly serious about your servers uptime!

WD Servers Proxy Hosting Review by Don Toivola, July 12, 2009

Uptime & Reliability55555
Value for Money55555
Customer Support55555
Space & Bandwidth55555
Payment Options55555

Best of the best, I have never had any problems and never once sent an email that didn’t recieve a response right away. I plan to use them for a long time. I now host several websites through them. The options you get are countless and the support is phenomenal!

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