Use a VPN as a proxy

When you are out in the public and you want to use your internet connection, there are a very few options that you can choose from. You can either purchase a card that will let you connect to a third party connection no matter where you are at. Or you can connect to someone’s open WIFI channel that is in their homes. This is illegal but people tend to do it anyway. But for most people, they use the third party internet connection coming from the location that they are at. If you go to a store like Starbuck, Borders, or even a MacDonald’s you will see WIFI being offered so that you can surf the internet while you enjoy their products.  But there is one thing that you should not take for granted while you are using their connection. The inherit safety of the connection. There are plenty of ways that a trained hacker is able to exploit an open network like that. They have certain software tools that will allow an attacker to see all of the data that is flowing through the air on the connection. If you are not careful, then your data can be picked up as well. There is a way that you can avoid this and we will talk about it in the article.

If you are going to these shops and just checking out general web sites, then you probably would not have to go this route. But if you are going to places that offer WIFI and you need to be able to login to a sensitive web site such as your bank account, then it might be better for you to take extra precautions. A way that you can create a secure connection to these sort of web sites is to create an encrypted VPN server somewhere else and log in through that.

In any operating system that you are using, it is real easy to create a VPN connection so there is no excuse not to use this method. If you do not know what VPN means, it stands for Virtual Private Network. It allows you to create a connection to a remote computer that only you can access. Then you can control that computer from where you are and make it do what you would like it to do. In this case, you want it to log into your bank account. You use the remote computer to log into the account and it will send the data back to you. The data will be sent over an encrypted line so anyone intercepting the message will not be able to read it. All they will see is a bunch of undecipherable letters and numbers. Now you are able to get to the data safely while using the VPN as a proxy.

When you are logging into sensitive web sites on an unknown connection security is something that you must be very concerned about. You may never know it but there are people that go to open spaces like this just so they can intercept the data. If you want to keep that from happening to you then you should use a VPN connection.