Uptime & Reliability33333
Value for Money22222
Customer Support2.
Space & Bandwidth22222
Payment Options22222

Tech Entrance Proxy Hosting

First impressions are essential in any business and web hosting is no exception. When I first visited Tech Entrance I was very unimpressed with the amateurish design and I’m sure it’s the same for many others. I wouldn’t of gave it a second look but I happen to know one of the two owners provides my hosting services.

Tech Entrance provides hosting in the shared, reseller and proxy hosting categories. Compared with some other proxy hosts the amount you get for your money isn’t the best. Their customer service support is very quick and helpful which is always good to know.

Although the proxy hosting packages are more expensive than most, they have vast knowledge in the proxy industry and are probably the best people to get problems solved fast.

Beginning Package – $7.95

1 GB Space, 25 GB Bandwidth, cPanel, Unlimited Domains per Package.

Go to http://www.techentrance.com

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2 Customer Reviews of “Tech Entrance Proxy Hosting”

Tech Entrance Proxy Hosting Review by Mike, September 7, 2010

Uptime & Reliability11111
Value for Money11111
Customer Support11111
Space & Bandwidth11111
Payment Options11111

I was hosting with techentrance and once i used there hosting my IP address was banned and i could no longer view their website?! They unbanned my ip after 3 days of waiting for a reply then i requested a refund and THEY DECLINE ME. Saying i dont have a good enough reason for a refund! BS



Tech Entrance Proxy Hosting Review by admin, November 29, 2008

Uptime & Reliability55555
Value for Money33333
Customer Support44444
Space & Bandwidth33333
Payment Options33333

Overall they are a good proxy hosting service with plenty of options and great uptime. One of the owners is a large scale proxy network owner who specializes in optimized hosting for proxy sites.

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