Uptime & Reliability1.781.781.781.781.78
Value for Money2.
Customer Support1.671.671.671.671.67
Space & Bandwidth2.
Payment Options2.

Santrex Proxy Hosting

I contacted Santrex after seeing them advertise proxy hosting services on a popular webmaster forum. They have reasonable packages and offer hosting for a wide range of activities. You should note that they only offer proxy hosting on VPS packages and dedicated servers. The prices reflect the larger amounts of bandwidth and space they give you. It’s also possible to buy extra dedicated IP’s and bandwidth on demand.

The support was very helpful and if you’re looking to upgrade to a dedicated server they seem to have very competitive plans. I’m particularly impressed with the amount of payment providers they support. You can choose the server specification and even the country it is hosted in. They currently offer servers in the US, France, Germany and the Netherlands.

Get a 10% discount for every time you sign up for a 3 month service, 15% discount for 6 month payments, and finally 20% discount on yearly payments. Dedicated servers are not included in this offer.

Starting Package:

10GB Space, 100mbit unmetered connection, 256mb Burstable Ram.

Payment Methods:

Paypal, e-Gold, Moneybookers, Western Union, Cashu, WebMoney, Liberty Reserve

Go to http://www.santrex.net

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10 Customer Reviews of “Santrex Proxy Hosting”

Santrex Proxy Hosting Review by Tim, May 21, 2012

Uptime & ReliabilityNot Rated
Value for MoneyNot Rated
Customer SupportNot Rated
Space & BandwidthNot Rated
Payment OptionsNot Rated

Litteraly the worst VPS host ever.

I have 5 VPS with them, and the average uptime is less than 90%… no joke…

Their nodes get constant DDoS attacks, their support is just terrible and the admins are really just not reliable enough….


Santrex Proxy Hosting Review by Luka, January 8, 2010

Uptime & Reliability11111
Value for Money11111
Customer Support11111
Space & Bandwidth11111
Payment Options11111

this is the shittiest host ever

whatever service u take from them , they suck as hell

they completely ignore their customers and their tickets , they do fraud , they apparently transfered my domain , but acctually they hacked it , service doesnt work at all , there is some artificial cpanel , files cant be accessed , whatever i upload and try to access it always give error


Santrex Proxy Hosting Review by DENNIS HERBERT, December 27, 2009

Uptime & Reliability11111
Value for Money11111
Customer Support11111
Space & Bandwidth11111
Payment Options11111

Their support is horrible!

I’ve been with Santrex now for 3 months on the Standard $6 a month package. However when I signed up everything seemed professional like their site and getting started.
I paid my money for 6 months then the waiting started.

I signed up for 6months on the US server also known as volcano by the staff. First problem was paypal – I ordered through paypal and got a receipt. I never got an email from them as their mail servers ARE BLACKLISTED. My account is active and I can access cPanel and the site works but in the billing, my domain status is still Pending? Well I never got my cPanel login till the second day after purchasing it as the staff wouldn’t give me my login details as it would be in the activiation email with the DNS servers.
First problem. – Didn’t recieve email.
Second problem. – Couldn’t login till day 2 when someone else replied and I showed them the paypal receipt.
Third problem. – I setup my site but I needed their DNS servers, asked over support and they said I don’t need any if I bought the domain with them. I didn’t I replied I bought it through go-daddy. Again they said buy it with us and I will get the DNS setup for you. I was like no the service states you tell me the DNS to put into my current domain registar. After a few more days someone else came online the technical help, asked the package I was on… woe is me they couldn’t just check and then told me my DNS servers where NS0.santrex.net and NS5.santrex.net

Fourth problem – I complained about Fantastico not working.
Still to this day it doesn’t work.

Fifth – Complained about backup in cPanel not working
Sitll to this day it doesn’t work.

Sixth – Complained about mail not working? I can’t send mail or recieve any to my domain http://www.richardslive.com

Overall the service is horrible.
Sure it looks good value for money.
But trust me all the packages you get the same crap service.

The site seems to have two people, Nick Book and Robert Holbrook who probably are the same person.

Also at the moment my site has been down for a week!
I have been with them three months now and downtown happens at least twice a week and the only response is .. service is fine here sir. I ask 15 different people! With 15 differnet providers! And they cannot access richardslive.com
At the moment I sent a ticket a week ago asking why the server is down – their reply .. ram upgrade? few hours.
Then next day I was like huh.. still not up asked again. Few days. 2 The most sir I volunteer.
Its been ONE WEEK NOW! and I submitted a ticket earlier today and got the response A FEW DAYS!


Santrex Proxy Hosting Review by Zollie Tagary, December 10, 2009

Uptime & Reliability44444
Value for Money55555
Customer Support33333
Space & Bandwidth44444
Payment Options55555

I must say that this is one of the most reliable companies I have been dealing with, I have around 32 VPS in total on different platforms xen/openvz in almost all their locations.

I did experience some downtimes on a couple of locations, but I was patient since their support was amazingly fast dealing with my ticket, I also been given a week free for the 2hrs downtime I faced the entire month.

I would say those guys are really nice, and I am happy so far.

Santrex Proxy Hosting Review by Alex Griffis, October 11, 2009

Uptime & Reliability11111
Value for Money33333
Customer Support11111
Space & Bandwidth33333
Payment Options22222

Purchased a UK VPS from them for 3 months, 2 out of the 3 months was downtime, litterally.

They added time to the VPS so I could have it longer but still experienced downtime, got promised that it would be fixed every time I made a ticket ( 11 in total ) 7 of the times they told me there were troublemakers on the node, on the 8th ticket they told me that it was hardware problems, after hardware problems were fixed according to them, VPS was down once again within 24 hours.

Got moved to their France node and promised that they would transfer my files to the new location, they “lost” the backup and I was left with a useless VPS.

Their support was useless like the advertising companies who ring you through phone and also took ages to reply.

Litterally like 2 staff members, owner never does anything and is never there to help and sort out their bad service.

Account finally got terminated after raging on them. Whats the point anyway?

Would of received downtime on the France node as many other reviewers complained about that.

To conclude, never buy from Santrex, owned by a brainless children.

Santrex Proxy Hosting Review by erben demirtas, September 25, 2009

Uptime & Reliability11111
Value for Money11111
Customer Support11111
Space & Bandwidth11111
Payment Options11111

I’ve purchased a proxy server. They’ve send me login information 1 24H. But every time I’ve tried to use the account the server gave me a login/password error. After countless e-mails to the costumer service; they’ve send me a message after a week(quoting):

“It does work here, how are you using it? please try username ********”

which was totally a different than the one they’ve sended to me. No apologies, I’ve paid for a service that I was unable to use for the 25% of the period because of their inability to give me a correct user name.

Santrex Proxy Hosting Review by Omer, July 27, 2009

Uptime & Reliability11111
Value for Money22222
Customer Support22222
Space & Bandwidth44444
Payment Options33333

I get a VPS about 5 days ago and in that five days i didn’t have a single day without regret. Second day system collapsed and rebuilt again lost 10 hours. third day have node problem lost 6 hours. fifth day i woke up and see its down again and my pages are not online for 7 hours, restarted it. I have to restart it about 10 times a day. I am started loosing visitors. I dont have that much traffic 20000 page wiev a day. I was increased first days but now drastically decreasing. Besides VPS money i invested some advertisement but it seems all gonna be worthless.
Who wants to get VPS from here Please dont. I cant say anything their other services but their VPS service may be the worst.

Santrex Proxy Hosting Review by santrex sucks, June 16, 2009

Uptime & Reliability11111
Value for Money11111
Customer Support11111
Space & Bandwidth11111
Payment Options11111

santrex is the worst hosting company ive ever used. santrex should be avoided at all costs!

Santrex Proxy Hosting Review by John, March 19, 2009

Uptime & Reliability11111
Value for Money11111
Customer Support11111
Space & Bandwidth11111
Payment Options11111

Worst host going, couldn’t get server working after paid for, refused refund. Amateur service for the desperate.

Santrex Proxy Hosting Review by Harry M., January 29, 2009

Uptime & Reliability55555
Value for Money44444
Customer Support44444
Space & Bandwidth44444
Payment Options55555

Santrex is by far the best VPS host I’ve ever had. I tried two different companies before them and both kicked me off. The unmetered 100mbit connection is amazing and the plans are really cost effective for proxy hosting.

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