Pick the right proxy

When you are at work, sometimes the time can go by very slowly. It moves even more slowly when you know that you have the power of the internet sitting at your finger tips but you cannot access it. The reason why you cannot access it is because the IT administrator at your job blocks a lot of your favorite web sites. You cannot go on to Facebook if you want to, or even Twitter. So you start to wonder, is there a way that you can get around this block. Lucky for you, there is an answer and the answer is yes. The exact answer is to use a proxy web site. You will be able to go to any web site that you choose without the network at the job being able to block you. We will tell you what a proxy is exactly and how you can use it to get around the network block at work. It may sound complicated but it is actually quite easy.

A proxy is simply a web site that will redirect a web request to your computer. Choosing the right proxy can be a little bit tricky. There are literally thousands, maybe even millions, to choose from. So you must be sure that you are picking the right one. Some proxies are run by individuals that do not have your best interest in mind. So they will try to do things such as intercept your data while you are using a proxy. This is why you should pick a proxy that has been approved by the community. There are many web sites out there that will tell you which proxies that are safe to use and which ones that are not. They have gone through the trouble of testing the web sites out so you do not have to. People are very quick to let the community know when a web site, especially a proxy site, is trying to scam people. Nobody likes a thief, even if it is someone who is only stealing data.

The one thing that you might find out after you pick your proxy to use is that your IT administrator is not stupid. They will eventually study the logs and see that a proxy site is being used to bypass their protections. So they will eventually block that site. Lucky for you, as we mentioned earlier in the article, there are many more where that site came from. Keep a steady list of proxies that you can use to get to your favorite web sites. As much as they would like to try, they will not be able to block them all.

Using a proxy is a great way to be able to read some of your favorite web sites while you are at work and also to keep you safe. Personal information is getting collected exceedingly fast these days, so being safe while you browse is important. Keep in mind; you must make sure that you will not be in trouble for surfing the web to these types of places. Most likely you will not get in trouble as long as you do not abuse it.