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MyDediServer Proxy Hosting

MyDediServer is a host to considered if you have reasonable knowledge of proxy websites and can actively manage a dedicated server. They are an unconvential choice for proxy server hosts because they don’t explicitly allow or disallow proxy websites. I contacted the support and they said they allow anything legal to be hosted.

Proxy websites themselves are legal but if you choose a hosting service like MyDediServer you must be ready to effectively handle complaints that are likely to crop up. This means having a reasonable knowledge of how servers work, so you can check logs and ban access to/from certain IPs. You do have extra freedom because it is a dedicated server and not shared hosting.

Starting Server:

Intel P4 2.4GHz, 512MB RAM, 40GB Hard Drive, 5 IP’s, 1000GB Bandwidth

Payment Methods:

Paypal, 2 Checkout

Go to http://www.mydediserver.com

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