Uptime & Reliability55555
Value for Money4.
Customer Support55555
Space & Bandwidth4.
Payment Options4.

Monster Prox Hosting

MonsterProx is dedicated to providing quality proxy hosting services to it’s customers. I have contacted their support department several times and always received a very fast response. The support staff are very helpful and knowledgeable which is reflected in the overall appearance of the website. They run on Intel Quad Core 8GB RAM servers which should deliver fast response times to all customers. Some of the other features they advertise are 99.9% Uptime SLA, Premium Bandwidth, Daily Remove backups, Anti-Spam sever firewalls and optimized proxy servers.

Beginning Package – $4.95

250mb Space, 20GB Bandwidth, cPanel+Fantastico and unlimited email accounts

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Go to http://www.monsterprox.com

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3 Customer Reviews of “Monster Prox Hosting”

Monster Prox Hosting Review by alas omer mansour, April 2, 2016

Uptime & ReliabilityNot Rated
Value for MoneyNot Rated
Customer SupportNot Rated
Space & BandwidthNot Rated
Payment OptionsNot Rated

I am glad to have my proxies hosted in safe hands

Monster Prox Hosting Review by Dennis Hannon, October 9, 2010

Uptime & Reliability55555
Value for Money55555
Customer Support55555
Space & Bandwidth55555
Payment Options55555

When i first tried monsterprox.com i was skeptical due to the fact I’ve tried many proxy hosting companies and none of which seemed to be reliable or reasonable. For the first time i have found a company that’s interested in MY bottom line. Monsterprox support staff is speedy quick with friendly yet intelligent answers to even the most complicated of issues. You can actually tell they take time to write a well written response. I wouldn’t go anywhere else!

Monster Prox Hosting Review by Tommy Walt, December 8, 2008

Uptime & Reliability55555
Value for Money44444
Customer Support55555
Space & Bandwidth44444
Payment Options44444

Monsterprox is the best proxy host I have ever used. My past experiences with several other proxy host left me disgruntled often getting kicked out by them due to crappy reasons like over-usage of CPU and RAM resources though I was way under my bandwidth allocation limit only to realize that most hosts have been overselling their bandwidth.

I am glad to have my proxies hosted in safe hands now as Monsterprox guarantees that they do not oversell their bandwidth thus allowing me to use up to my full bandwidth allocation. Their servers are of high speed with friendly and fast support. Indeed the best! :) Thank you Monsterprox!

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