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Kiloserve Proxy Hosting

Kiloserve is a popular web host that caters to proxy websites of any size. Here is an excerpt I took from their homepage:

“We don’t have anything fancy, no overblown advertising departments, no big-names behind us. We concentrate on No-Frills basic webhosting. Plain and simple. You want reliability? We got it! You want some bleeding edge techno-mumbo jumbo, don’t come to us, go talk to the over-priced brands.”

It sounds promising and I know several proxy webmasters that use this hosting service. The only niggle I came across was it requires a set up fee of $2.99 on each new plan which may put off people with a limited budget. They run hSphere which is a step away from the cPanel software that most webmasters are familiar with. They also offer dedicated servers if you reach that point where you need to expand. One more thing they accept PHP only proxies (phproxy, surrogafier, glype, zelune).

Beginning Package – $5.99 (+ $2.99 set up fee)
60GB Bandwith, 1GB Space, 2 Domains, 2 Mysql Databases

Payment Methods:
Credit Cards, Paypal, Moneybookers

Go to http://www.kiloserve.com

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