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Value for Money1.751.751.751.751.75
Customer Support1.751.751.751.751.75
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iWhiC Proxy Hosting

iWhiCs is a well known and trusted web hosting provider in the proxy market. They give an excellent service and your hosting package will come with all the features you have come to expect. You get cPanel, Sub domains, Addon Domains, cURL, SSL Support, Fantastico De-Luxe and more. iWhiC also sells VPS which will ease the transition as your proxy websites grow. The amount of resources you get are competitive but they do offer some  variety in payment options.

Starter Package – $4.99

3 GB Space, 30 GB Bandwidth, cPanel, 3 Addon + Parked Domains per Package.

Payment Methods:

, , ,

Go to http://www.iwhic.com

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4 Customer Reviews of “iWhiC Proxy Hosting”

iWhiC Proxy Hosting Review by Lee, March 31, 2009

Uptime & Reliability22222
Value for Money11111
Customer Support11111
Space & Bandwidth22222
Payment Options22222

Bad Company. Used to be OK but since they were bought out in Dec. the new management sucks. They are trying to back bill me for services already paid for. Be smart and stay away.

iWhiC Proxy Hosting Review by David, January 22, 2009

Uptime & Reliability11111
Value for Money11111
Customer Support11111
Space & Bandwidth11111
Payment Options11111

IwhiC is overselling and it’s support is only limited to two people Jason and Aimee the owner itself and they do not give timely support, When they merged they left their clients nowhere, they suspended their accounts saying spam emails were sent and resource over usage and they never refunded their clients.. It’s the worse proxy hosting company.

iWhiC Proxy Hosting Review by Simon, December 28, 2008

Uptime & Reliability11111
Value for Money22222
Customer Support11111
Space & Bandwidth33333
Payment Options33333

iWhiC recently merged with a company called “AHosting”, it was far from a smooth transition. There have been 3 days down time and the support staff are extremely rude. Until they have this sorted I would stay well clear of iwhic hosting. I have a feeling this excellent little company, that used to excel with support, will steadily go downhill from now.

iWhiC Proxy Hosting Review by Aquarezz, December 8, 2008

Uptime & Reliability55555
Value for Money33333
Customer Support44444
Space & Bandwidth33333
Payment Options44444

I believe IwhiC is one of the best proxy hosting companies online 😉
I really like it 😉

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