Uptime & Reliability44444
Value for Money44444
Customer Support2.332.332.332.332.33
Space & Bandwidth44444
Payment Options3.333.333.333.333.33

Hagio Proxy Host

I have seen Hagio Host around for a while now and a quick check pulled up no bad comments in the search engines. They seem to offer a pretty comprehensive package of shared packages, reseller accounts, domains and most crucially proxy hosting. One thing I did pick up on was the lack of contact information, most notably absent on company page. They do offer long term prepay discounts and promise a 30 day money back guarantee however.

Beginning Package – $4.95

1GB Space, 110GB Bandwidth, 2 Add-on domains, Unlimited other features

Payment Methods:


Go to http://www.hagiohost.com

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3 Customer Reviews of “Hagio Proxy Host”

Hagio Proxy Host Review by Guest, March 23, 2009

Uptime & Reliability44444
Value for Money33333
Customer Support11111
Space & Bandwidth33333
Payment Options11111

They were cheap and pretty good in the beginning but after awhile when I needed some support they did not respond to any of my tickets what so ever. To sum it up I have been really unsatisfied with their quality of service and will never go back with them.

Hagio Proxy Host Review by Proxy webmaster, January 10, 2009

Uptime & Reliability33333
Value for Money44444
Customer Support11111
Space & Bandwidth44444
Payment Options44444

Cheap, but after sales support was poor. No reply to my urgent support requests even after a week.

Hagio Proxy Host Review by Miguel Silva, December 26, 2008

Uptime & Reliability55555
Value for Money55555
Customer Support55555
Space & Bandwidth55555
Payment Options55555

Hagio-host are likely the most honest and and best proxy hosting service with super fast support. Their servers are truly fast and the bandwidth compared with all other services is a lot. You guys should try it if you haven’t tried it yet and if your looking for a cheap and quality proxy hosting solution.

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